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Radiant Facial

Radiant Facial

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Experience the comforting warmth of this treatment that softens the skin and allows for easier extractions and pore-cleansing without the use of steam. Individually prescribed gel is massaged into the face to deeply penetrate and treat, ridding the skin of excess oil and toxins. A pleasant, mild galvanic current provides maximal benefit from the positively-charged, plant-based Guinot products used in the facial. The treatment’s oxygenation increases circulation, energizing skin cells and encouraging the elimination of toxins. A customized masque of plant concentrates will address your skin’s specific condition(s). Enjoy a relaxing, soothing massage with essential oils on the face, neck and upper chest to increase lymph drainage, improve facial muscle tone and contours, and ease tension. The complexion clearer and radiant. Excellent for clients experiencing many clogged pores or acne, teens, and those with mature or sensitive skin. (60 min)

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